Hi, my name is Brian Daniel South and I am currently building the dream team of advisors, mentors, and consultants to build the best magic kit ever assembled.

You may remember me from a company called Creative Magic (the company that brought you the Shadow Tent, the Change Cap, and Bigger Wands) or from my current company, TeachByMagic.com

I have a passion for creating things that have a positive impact on our art.  And I have gathered a core team of advisors to guide this journey that share that same passion:

Stan Allen - Editor and publisher of MAGIC Magazine
Kevin James - Legendary magic creator
(with millions of You Tube Views)
David Goodsell - Eitor of the MUM for over 20 years and PNP
Michael Mode - Creative consultant and
inspirational speaker
David Kaye - Expert kid show performer and author

Along the journey we will add mentors - these will be well know magicians that will each focus on one trick.  The  current plan is to have each mentor teach one of a small number of tricks that will be featured on a DVD that will be included with the kit.  But that is just one of the many ideas that may or may not happen depending on the input of our consultants.

This is where you come in.  The goal is to get as many magicians involved in this project as possible.

We would love to have you join our team and have your voice heard.

Becoming  a Shoebox Magic consultant is simple.  To join the team just subscribe to our email list and you will occasionally get surveys or polls helping us narrow down aspects of the kit (how many tricks, how are they taught, what are they made of, and so on).  You will also be able to participate in occasional Google hangouts
and in the end have the opportunity to buy kits before anyone else and at a consultant-only discount.

This should be a fun process that will span several months and you are free to do as much or as little as you like, but we do ask that you help spread the word because the number one goal of this project is to build a kit that everyone can be proud of and part of that is getting everyone involved.

Join the team